Women aren’t really taught to honor their pleasure

I’ve created a beautiful guided journal that will help you get back to what’s most important. That will turn a life of mondaness and rigidness into pleasure, intimacy, abundance, and more

Journaling your way towards pleasure and sensual confidence will help you to not only show up in your life with the energy to attract what it is that you want, but understand your relationship with intimacy, pleasure, and sensuality and begin rewriting your story with intimacy, self, and relationships

  • 30 guided journaling prompts

  • 4 action prompts to help you create physical shifts in your reality 

  • 30 days of sexual healing and self understanding

And so much more!


And so you go through life putting everything else before you,

Always putting “priorities” over pleasure.


And regretting it because you’re not receiving what you want or living the life you want.

But what if that could change?

What if there was a way for you to get back to pleasure and start creating the life you desired?

From the relationship, you have with yourself, your intimate relationships, and more?

At the core of this, it’s intimacy, connection, sensuality,

Really embodying your feminine energy and connecting to that

Releasing and letting go of what was “given” what you were “conditioned” to adopt

as your truth and get back to the importance of intimacy, pleasure, and sensuality in your life

Pleasure & Confidence Journal

Heading 2

If you desire:

  • To feel sexually confident to make the first move 

  • To feel sexually confident to get what you want from your partner 

  • To feel confident and understood within your own skin 

  • To feel connected to your feminine goddess energy 

This is for you! This journal is $22.22.

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