5 Ways to Align with Feminine Energy for more Pleasure

I feel that many women, like myself has struggled with connecting to that feminine energy within. Feeling that it’s not a part of you, or that you can’t access it, or hell even maybe feminine energy isn’t for you

But these are all excuses and all incorrect. For one, as a being, we all can harness and use our masculine and feminine energy. However, our societies focus is on masculine energy, production, control, power, problem solving, always on the go go go And when women and men are both raised to solely operate in this energy, we create an imbalance. Which is the reason that when women show emotions, we are immediately labeled too emotional, by both men and women and then we begin to hate what is truly powerful and wonderful to us, our emotions. So we disconnect to our feminine side, we see it as an issue, we see it as negative and it’s not. Our feminine energy is beautiful. It’s what brings the calm to the chaos, the manifesting to our desires It brings balance. And when both women and men align with their feminine energy, but in particular women, you’re truly able to receive and embody so much of what it is you truly desire, especially surrounding sex and pleasure Now, I’m not talking about not speaking up, communicating, or anything of that nature I’m talking about creating love for self from the inside out, allowing that energy to transfer through your vortex and experiences I’m talking about trust, ease, letting go of control, surrender, flow, and fully feeling your experience in the PRESENT This is all a part of the feminine embodiment experience that I want to help you to receive and experience as well We are going to go over a few ways that you can align with that energy and have that energy translate to the bedroom Now with these tools and what we discuss, it’s important that you do your part in making sure that you implement and practice With that being said, I want to say two things:

1. Change is uncomfortable and it can be very scary and uncertain. The only reason it feels this way is because you’re stepping into new territory, you’re trying something out of your “habits” jurisdiction so it’s going to warn you not to go outside of that territory because the familiar can’t detect what always is. Which is 110% okay when it comes to growth and change. You will learn to adapt again and what was once unknown territory will become familiar and comfortable with practice. So push yourself. Take a chance sis 2. Keep in mind that the narrative that was written for you to experience, wasn’t written by you and isn’t aligned for you. So what you’ve experienced in the past was from a lens that was given to you, isn’t your fault, and it was painful, but it was painful because it wasn’t aligned. What you experience moving forward when you create this awareness and accept this as your truth, won’t be painful, but it will always be something you accept as a part of your growth and something you’re always comfortable with no matter what choices you create because you realize it was all within your power and meant for you to grow in some way

So with that being said, let’s take a little journey into how you can align more with feminine energy during pleasure 1. Give yourself permission. I say this with anything that you’re desiring to experience that’s outside of your norm, give yourself permission to try and develop a deeper connection with yourself. It’s hard to move forward in change, especially in this space when you haven’t acknowledged WITH yourself that your permission, your validation in wanting deeper intimate connection is needed and important. 2. Mindfully breathing and trusting the situation. Feminine energy is about receiving, trusting, and allowing. Ask yourself to trust you and your partner, to experience pleasure. Focus on pleasure, invite awareness in to the every changing present moment of your life and feeling into each moment. If you’re not familiar with meditation I strongly encourage you to begin as it’s tremendous in helping to tap into feminine energy in some way 3. Be open to giving nurture and care to your body and your inner child. Most of us can relate to the experience of our inner child who didn’t always learn the best coping mechanisms for dealing with pain and suffering. We see that pop up in our lives and our relationships. But When we take time to nurture and reparent this inner child, we can renegotiate negative patterns and invite wholeness. Thus creating a balance in feminine and masculine energy 4. Even outside of the bedroom, be mindful of how you allow yourself to experience pleasure. How can you drink your water with more pleasure, with more gratitude, with more nurture? How can you take your baths that way? How can you eat that way? Dance that way? Talk that way? Finding more ways in your life where you can experience pleasure and feel good with pleasure being a part of your day to day, it makes it easier to do that in the bedroom 5. It’s about the journey, not the destination. We want to know how things will turn out. The sacred feminine reminds us to surrender to the journey as it is, rather than having to force an outcome. We may think of acceptance as passive. In fact, it can be a superpower. As the psychologist Carl Rogers put it, “The curious paradox is that as soon as I accept myself as I am, then I can change.” So think about what you’re about to do as an experience and not an “outcome.” 6.Get creative and imaginative. Use your creation prior to sex, or sometime during the day to connect to your sacral chakra, where the divine feminine and sensual energy reside. When you allow yourself to create, to get artsy, you are expressive, fun, light hearted, mindful, present, sensual, and connected to that divine feminine energy that’s needed 7. Sensual healing movements. I have show in a lot of my posts, in this space, and on my social media platforms exercises that increase feminine energy and sensuality. Actually taking the time, even just 5 minutes a day to do this will help increase your desire for sensual pleasure on top of connecting you deeper to feminine energy 8. Masturbation. I know some have a problem with this, at one point I did too and now it’s a part of my daily routine. It’s not about how it looks, it’s about being able to get into the moment of the feeling and where that pleasure is flowing through your body.

These are a few ways that you can align with feminine energy during pleasure. Now of course all of these don’t apply to being exactly in the moment and this is the reason why. When you’re healing this area of your life, you have to change the way of doing things surrounding pleasure, you cant just go straight into pleasure, a vulnerable experience and think it will change over night because it wont It takes time, patience, practice, vulnerability, and communication, consistently for it to become a natural part of what you do

When it comes to Sensual Soul Healing sis, you are REWRITING your journey with sex, self, and relationships meaning that you’re rewriting how you were taught to view, think, and experience sex, self, and pleasure.


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