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It all begins with love.

A profound love that goes deeper than you could ever dream of. I imagine, you’re here because you know there’s more for you… But maybe you don’t really know what love feels like. You can’t remember the last time you truly loved yourself, and there’s this burning desire to find out. Because you see that without self love + sex positivity, your life is challenging and the way you view yourself pains you.

I’m here to tell you sis, there’s more for you to experience. More for you to explore. More for you to learn. More for you to conquer. This 14 day journal experience is here to guide you towards deeper shadow work for self so that you’re able to understand what’s stopping you from loving YOU and connecting to your sexuality.

You are growing to love the parts of you that you may have closed off, or kept hidden due to shame or guilt. And with this journaling experience, you will feel guided in the direction of creating more clarity of what’s been standing in your way, what it is that you truly desire, and how to move forward in creating those desires into a reality.

From this journal you will

  • Understand your relationship with sex so that you can feel more confident in bed

  • Understand your relationship with self so that you can feel more confident to openly communicate your desires

  • How to take action with commitment when it comes to moving through fear and resistance surrounding shame, sex, and your personal relationship

  • Steps on how to cultivate more love for self and others

  • Feeling confident to speak your truth when it comes to your desires, wants, and needs with yourself and your intimate partner(s)

And so much more!

I challenge you to go all in over the next 14 days towards deeper self discovery, you’d be amazed what these prompts unlock for you!

Are you ready? Let’s go!

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