From this journal you will:

  • Understand your relationship with sex so that you can feel more confident in bed.

  • Understand your relationship with yourself so that you can feel more confident to openly communicate your desires.

  • How to take action with commitment when it comes to moving through fear and resistance surrounding shame, sex, and your personal relationship.

  • Steps on how to cultivate more love for self and others.

  • Feeling confident to speak your truth when it comes to your desires, wants, and needs with yourself and your intimate partner(s).

And it’s only $11.11! It’s time for you to be the driver to your desired destination!

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“I just want to feel loved”


Did you know that you ARE loved?

You ARE loved?


And the only reason you feel disconnected from that is that you’ve been

seeking validation and love from everyone else, allowing them to love you

the way they want, and not setting that tone with your own love for self FIRST


You’ve heard the saying “it wasn’t your fault what happened to you

but it’s your responsibility to do something about it?”


It’s true. You may have not ever had someone to show you what

love means and do “parenting” the way YOU needed it to be done,

but you don’t have to settle for that And you don’t have to keep searching for it.


Only you know how to love you the way YOU need it! You have that power.

It’s time for you to take ownership of that power and evolve


You’ve been saying for a while.


“Why is this happening to me?”

“I’m not worthy of true love”


And they’re BOTH FALSE


It’s happening because you’re still allowing the past to be your present.

You’re worthy of true love when you DEFINE with

your own love for self what that truth is


It’s your time to take the wheel of your own life and

create what is it YOU want.

Stop placing that power in the hands of someone else

babe and allow yourself to be what you need.



Sensual Self Love Journal

YES, it will feel scary at first because change is uncomfortable and certain.

But taking it one step at a time with my guided 14-day Sensual Self Love Journal will help to make the journal more pleasurable!

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