It’s taken you up until now to realize this can no longer go untouched 


To connect deeper to yourself and your partner

To experience more sexual connection 

To be confident sexually to ask for what you want 


But how? 


Where do you start? How do you change? Who can help? 


- it’s not the therapist, because you need spiritual accountability to connect to yourself on a soul level 

- It’s not a self-help book, because reading what needs to change will only get you so far

It’s me. It’s Sensual healing.

  • holding you accountable to shift past the bullshit that keeps repeating 

  • Feeling empowered with tangible ways of changing your relationship with yourself and partner today 

  • Making healing + vulnerability feel easy because you’re genuinely supported by someone who’s walked the walk

It’s your time. 1 call. 65 minute. My undivided attention + healing energy focused on YOU, your truth, and your desires.

$222 with BONUS access to my 14 Sensual Self-love journal.

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You're ready to go deep

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