You’ve always put others before you

do you feel that’s worked out for your highest good?

If you’re anything like me, it probably has not. It’s left you feeling resentful, shameful, angry, and used.

And the thing about it is that even though you know how it makes you feel, you still continue to do it! Time, after time, after time. 


With sex, you’ve always put your partner's needs before you (you may even be in a sexless marriage or haven’t had an orgasm with a partner ever… but I bet they have) 

With daily tasks, you’ve always made sure you’ve done for those you loved first

before treating yourself IF you ever do treat yourself 


You’ve allowed pleasure to basically become non-existent OR existent only through other people if they’re happy with what you’ve done for them 

And that’s not okay. See Sensual Babe, you deserve to experience pleasure with YOU 


Not dependent upon others, not putting others before you, but to be able to experience all that you are as the wonderful goddess that you are! 


It is time for you to come clean. Come clean that the life you’ve created isn’t what you want. And it’s okay to acknowledge that. Because once you do, you can move forward with change 


And I have the perfect opportunity for you

“The 5-Day Womb Healing Energy Series”

5 Days of intensive womb healing 

Clearing out past trauma, generational, current, and ancestral 

Clearing out past relationships 

Clearing out past pain, hurt, and resentment 

Clearing generational sexual trauma 

And Sacral Chakra Clearing

No more guilt and shame will remain with you as the wonderful goddess you’re meant to be! 

I want you to be a part of this beautiful healing series!

IMG_0147 2.JPG
  • Woman who feels that her sacral chakra is blocked 

  • Woman who has experienced past trauma sexually 

  • Woman who’s had relationships with men who don’t align

       with her highest good or energy now

  • Woman desiring to be more in tune with her feminine

       energy and goddess embodiment 

  • Woman who desires to have a deeper connection with

       sensuality and sexuality

  • to feel confident enough to speak your desires and needs openly 

  • To feel confident in the woman you are and desire to be 

  • To feel connected to your feminine energy and embodying the

       goddess energy you’ve always desired 

  • To feel connected to your womb and sexuality 

  • To be open to intimacy effortlessly 

  • To be open to attracting the ideal partner 

  • To be open to receiving the love and intimacy you desire

IMG_9056 (1).JPG




womb clearing + relationship clearing 

Day 2

healing ancestral/generational trauma of the womb 

Day 3

restorative, acceptance

Day 4

relationship with self and love me worth 

Day 5

understanding chakras and energy alignment 


Young Woman Lying in Bed Wearing Lingeri

Spots are limited so grab your seat today for $288

Ready Sensual Babe?

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A true Healing Experience that you will

enjoy, love, and thank yourself for! 

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